We accept samples all year round.

Our testing doesn't stop when your vines are dormant.

Summer - Leaf material

Fresh leaf material can be used for both short repeat marker and transposon marker testing. Please send 5 of the youngest leaves on a vine. Samples should be individually packaged and shipped on wet ice / ice blocks.

Dried leaf material can be used for short repeat testing where cold shipping is not feasible. Please contact us to discuss this if required. 

Winter - Cane cuttings

For short repeat marker testing we are able to analyse DNA in cane cuttings directly. Please send ~5cm of cane for each sample, individually packaged / labelled. 

For transposon marker testing, we incubate cuttings to allow bud burst for leaf material collection. This takes 4-6 weeks before marker testing can begin. Please send a cutting with 3 nodes for each sample.

Please contact us prior to sending your samples.

Sample Delivery address:

Attn: Dr Darrell Lizamore
Zebra Biotech Ltd.
RFH Building Room 008,
Lincoln University,
Springs Rd / Ellesmere Junction
Lincoln, 7641
New Zealand